Friday, March 12, 2010

Biden is bigoted against Bible-believers

U.S. Jews to Biden: Leave Jerusalem Alone
by Maayana Miskin

( The veteran United States-based Young Israel movement condemned U.S. Vice President Biden on Thursday, telling Biden to leave Jerusalem alone. The American vice president had condemned Israel's decision to allow Jews to build in historic Jerusalem, in an area that has been annexed by Israel but is claimed by the Palestinian Authority.

"We strongly 'condemn' Vice President Biden's statements and respectfully urge him to rescind his incendiary remarks about Jerusalem,” said Young Israel President Shlomo Mostofsky.

"The reality is that there is no such entity as 'East Jerusalem,' there is only Jerusalem, which is the united capital of Israel,” Mostofsky continued. “Only Israel can make determinations regarding Jerusalem's future expansion and development.”

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Bible-believers, both Jewish and Christians, have no doubt it's the Promised Land of ISRAEL (not Ishmael or some accursed "Palestine"). What a shame that some are so dense they just don't get it or refuse to be corrected by the facts, keeping their heads buried in the sand.

Christians Reject Palestine for the Promised Land of Israel

Christian Zionist, Jews and Israel

Don't Expel Jews from Gaza
Read and weep for the Israeli Jews of Gush Katif/Gaza, on whose behalf I wrote this article in July 2005 before their illegal expulsion by the bribed Ariel Sharon and criminal company working for foreign interests. Many of them remain homeless, depressed and basically abandoned by their lying government -- their former homes history, stripped bare and destroyed by marauding Arab enemies who are now fighting among themselves, one terrorist group (Hamas) against another terrorist group (Fatah).