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Beware Babylonian envoys from Rome!

Ah how the naive make it so much easier for the Vatican to seal its plans for Jerusalem! Roman wolves in sheep's clothing preach tolerance while proving they're intolerant of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem and are out to undermine it as "diplomatically" as they can, with smiles, of course, and plenty of handshakes and gifts.

Psalms 28:3

Who speak peace to their neighbors,
But evil is in their hearts.

The wise learn from the Bible and history to beware Babylonian envoys:

2 Kings 20

12 At that time Berodach-Baladan the son of Baladan, king of Babylon, sent letters and a present to Hezekiah, for he heard that Hezekiah had been sick [why how nice of him! What could possibly be wrong with letters and a gift showing "compassion" for Hezekiah's ill state?] 13 And Hezekiah was attentive to them, and showed them all the house of his treasures—the silver and gold, the spices and precious ointment, and all his armory—all that was found among his treasures. There was nothing in his house or in all his dominion that Hezekiah did not show them.
14 Then Isaiah the prophet went to King Hezekiah, and said to him, “What did these men say, and from where did they come to you?”
So Hezekiah said, “They came from a far country, from Babylon.”
15 And he said, “What have they seen in your house?”
So Hezekiah answered, “They have seen all that is in my house; there is nothing among my treasures that I have not shown them.”
16 Then Isaiah said to Hezekiah, “Hear the word of the LORD: 17 ‘Behold, the days are coming when all that is in your house, and what your fathers have accumulated until this day, shall be carried to Babylon; nothing shall be left,’ says the LORD. 18 ‘And they shall take away some of your sons who will descend from you, whom you will beget; and they shall be eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon.’”

Vatican plans for Jerusalem revealed

The Traveller magazine/tabloid for backpackers and such, published in Jerusalem (now defunct) and formerly available throughout Israel, especially in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Eilat ( from one end of Israel to the other), ran a full-page article I wrote entitled: 'Will Jerusalem Become an International City?'

The Jerusalem Post ('A Traveler's fanzine takes off' by Giden Keren, 07-08-96) reported:
'The one time The Traveller did run a political piece, it ruffled feathers with the local authorities. In 'Will Jerusalem become an international city?' by American writer David Ben-Ariel, readers were warned about a German-Vatican plot to take over Jerusalem, urged to take back the Temple Mount and dislodge 'as symbols of foreign occupation' Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.

'David Ben-Ariel was a nice non-Jewish guy with strong views and a great love for this country,' says Nick Day, 'but he probably was talking a bit too much when he should have kept his mouth shut.'

Following publication of that article, Ben-Ariel was arrested and locked up for a week [actually two] before being expelled from the country. Ever since, The Traveller has been a bit sheepish about accepting political material... /

Israeli investigative author Barry Chamish mentions my unjust deportation in his book Traitors and Carpetbaggers in the Promised Land and remarks at how the Israeli government OVERREACTED to my article. He feels that's why they deported me: exposing the German-Vatican plot to occupy Jerusalem! I think that's definitely part of it but that it's all involved with highlighting the plight of the Temple Mount.

Nothing new under the sun. Were the accusations made against Stephen true? Or against Paul?

Acts 6

8 And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and signs among the people. 9 Then (Satan got stirred up as a result) there arose some from what is called the Synagogue of the Freedmen (Cyrenians, Alexandrians, and those from Cilicia and Asia), disputing with Stephen. 10 And they were not able to resist the wisdom and the Spirit by which he spoke. 11 Then they secretly induced men to say, “We have heard him speak blasphemous words against Moses and God.” 12 And they stirred up the people, the elders, and the scribes; and they came upon him, seized him, and brought him to the council. 13 They also set up false witnesses who said, “This man does not cease to speak blasphemous words against this holy place and the law; 14 for we have heard him say that this Jesus of Nazareth will destroy this place and change the customs which Moses delivered to us.” 15 And all who sat in the council, looking steadfastly at him, saw his face as the face of an angel.

Interfaith Sages Council Established for Jerusalem

Interfaith Sages Council Established for Jerusalem
16:13 Jan 31, '07 / 12 Shevat 5767
by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski declared that a local Sages Council will soon be established, comprised of religious and secular leaders representing the three predominant monotheistic faiths.

Making the announcement during a municipality reception this week marking the new year of 2007, Mayor Lupolianski explained that the council's role will be to improve and enhance the lives of the people of Jerusalem, to create dialogue and understanding between Jews, Muslims and Christians, and to overcome boundaries for all those living in the city.

"The council will ignore the so-called 'large, international politics,' which often works in the name of anonymous interests, with no regard for the people living in Jerusalem," Lupolianski said. "The council will set an example for peaceful co-existence and will enable us all to overcome difficulties, solve disputes, get to know each other better and share the vast knowledge we've all accumulated, all for one common goal - the [welfare of the] city of Jerusalem and its residents."

Sages Councils such as that announced by the mayor were common in several cities long ago. Their role was to consolidate ideas for the improvement of their respective cities.

Mayor Lupolianski came up with the idea to create such a council in Jerusalem following meetings he held with Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious leaders from various denominations. One of the topics raised in those meetings was the lack of direct dialogue between the various communities populating the city, which is one of the most diverse in the world. Sometimes, people who live just a few feet from one another needed a mediator in order to communicate, municipality spokesman Gideon Schmerling said. This lack of dialogue is one of the reasons Schmerling noted for tensions flaring occasionally between the various religious and ethnic denominations, with Mayor Lupolianski often called in to mediate.

In light of this reality, Lupolianski believes that regular meetings of the council, several times a year, will promote inter-cultural dialogue and improve the quality of life for all the people of Jerusalem.

"Woe to Ariel, Ariel, the city where David dwelt" (Isaiah 29:1).

The Vatican is pulling its strings, turning up the heat on Jerusalem, with all these wolves in sheep's clothing proposals. What a shame that Jerusalem's Mayor Uri Lupolianski is playing along with it, like Ehud Olmert, playing with strange fire that will burn all Jerusalem and scorch Israel.

The ongoing Holy See- State of Israel collaboration conjures up these vile ideas with the aim of undermining Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem, and then when it's sufficiently weakened, brazenly insisting upon the implementation of the accursed UN Resolution 181 to deal the death blow to Jewish control of the Holy City and supplant it with German-Jesuit EU supervision -- as replacement theology demands.

Let Mayor Lupolianski spend his time more constructively by demanding Israel's 1967 Law for the Protection of the Holy Places is enforced, putting an end to the Nazi-Muslim occupation of the Temple Mount where the Wakf discriminates daily against Christians and Jews. Remove the foreign mosques and prepare for the House of Prayer for All Peoples.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Holy See- State of Israel

Holy See- State of Israel: “Some progress” in today’s meeting
by Arieh Cohen

Tel Aviv (AsiaNews) - The Bilateral Permanent Working Commission between the Holy See and the State of Israel has met today, 29 January, for the first time since 13 December last year.
At the end of the three hour meeting, it issued a Joint Communiqué, which spoke of the negotiations as taking place "in an atmosphere of great cordiality," and of having made "some progress" in the attempt to work out the long-awaited agreement on tax and property issues between the Church and the State. The Communiqué further says that the next meeting of the Bilateral Commission will take place at the "Plenary" level, and "at the Vatican". The last meeting of the Plenary Commission took place as long ago as 12 March 2002, also at the Vatican, after two previous meetings (in 1995 and in 1998) held in Israel.

Grand Master turns up the heat on Jerusalem

Open Letter to the Pave the Way Foundation

Open Letter to Moshe Katsav

Grand Master turns up the heat on Jerusalem

Grand Master turns up heat on Jerusalem

Address of the Grand Master to the Diplomatic Corps
Rome, 9 January 2007

His Most Eminent Highness the Prince and Grand Master,
Fra' Andrew BERTIE

I will visit the Holy Land during 2007 within the framework of an international pilgrimage that I will be carrying out next October.

In this spirit I would like to recall the various observations which have been made over the years with regard to the problem of the Holy Places, and in particular the position of the Holy See in relation to Jerusalem. A city of three religions, it is at the same time a land of two peoples, Jews and Palestinians, as well as a World Heritage centre. Pilgrims from all over the world must be able to have access to it. It should thus be given a special, internationally guaranteed statute.

The Sovereign Order of Malta, for whom the protection of the Holy Places has always been an absolute priority in its mission in the service of the Church and in its hospitaller and humanitarian activities, is at the disposal of governments to help seek any kind of solution, bearing in mind the aspirations and legitimate interests of the different populations involved.

This is because Jerusalem must be a permanent place for seeking peace and reconciliation between religions, peoples and cultures. [Emphasis mine]

The cauldron that is Jerusalem is having the heat turned up by a series of planned events, the concerted efforts of Roman wolves in sheep's clothing, orchestrated by the Vatican. The Roman Catholic Cult, the Babylonian Mystery religion, covets the Holy City and aims on wresting control of Ariel (Jerusalem's nickname) from Israeli sovereignty by any means necessary. The Time of Jacob's Trouble is brewing in the North.

Due to the inexcusable increase in Israeli sins, especially their rejection of the miracle of 1967 -- the Six Day War that liberated Jerusalem and its biblical territories from Arab occupation, namely Judaism's holiest site, the Temple Mount -- and because so many Israelis tolerated the intolerable expulsion of Jews from their homes in Gush Katif and Shomron rather than return to God and remove the threat of sworn Arab enemies, the Great Creator God of Jacob-Israel will permit the King of the North (the imminent wannabe divine emperor elect by the German-Jesuits) to have his way with Israel, to pollute His Holy Land and stomp Jerusalem with his filthy EU jackboot for three and a half years -- a signature act that God has so decreed it (Dan. 12:7).

Jeremiah 1:13-16

13 And the word of the LORD came to me the second time, saying, "What do you see?"

And I said, "I see a boiling pot, and it is facing away from the north."

14 Then the LORD said to me:

"Out of the north calamity shall break forth

On all the inhabitants of the land.

15 For behold, I am calling

All the families of the kingdoms of the north," says the LORD;

"They shall come and each one set his throne

At the entrance of the gates of Jerusalem,

Against all its walls all around,

And against all the cities of Judah.

16 I will utter My judgments

Against them concerning all their wickedness,

Because they have forsaken Me,

Burned incense to other gods,

And worshiped the works of their own hands.

Israel's election of the bought and paid for foreign interest party, the rotten to the core Kadima party of prostitutes and criminals, proved Israel was intent on going backwards, dead set on digging themselves in deeper, rather than going forward (as Kadima means "forward" in Hebrew, twisted purposely in true Luciferian style - Isa. 5:20) to get out of their national mess:

Jeremiah 7:23-24

23 But this is what I commanded them, saying, 'Obey My voice, and I will be your God, and you shall be My people. And walk in all the ways that I have commanded you, that it may be well with you.' 24 Yet they did not obey or incline their ear, but followed the counsels and the dictates of their evil hearts, and went backward and not forward.

Both Torah-observant Jews and Christian Zionists warned Israelis against Kadima and encouraged them to remember the Land Covenant to keep it (it's the Promised Land of Israel). Men and women of faith implored Israelis to refuse to surrender to post-Zionist forces who would continue to dismember the Jewish Homeland to forge an accursed "Palestine" that would ultimately burn every Jew.

The Grand Master, quoted above, is thinly veiling his references to UN Resolution 181. It's been laying in wait all these years, like the secret Nazis -- both about to come back with a vengeance!

Catholic Europe is determined to restore their Royals to dormant thrones and revive the "Holy Roman Empire" with its crown: the Crusader-Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Treacherous Jews, UNJews, apostate Jews, aid and abet those who would undermine Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem. Forces within and without the Holy Land are driven to help Rome fulfill its grand design and pave the way to transfer Israel's most prized possession, its priceless crown jewel -- the Temple Mount -- to the Vatican. Mt. Zion is already under siege, as they seek to secure a foothold to breach the Holy City.

The glorious good news, our glimmer of hope in this growing world of darkness, is that Two Witnesses will rise and shine and testify in occupied Jerusalem and face the nations and address Israel's captive audience -- in the spirit of Elijah -- and give hope and comfort that our God will come and save us. The unholy alliance between Ahab (Israelites and Jews) and Jezebel (Roman Catholic Cult) will soon be history, as we're assured its days are numbered.

David Ben-Ariel is a Christian-Zionist writer and author of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall. Check out the Beyond Babylon blog.

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Kosovo and Jerusalem

Kosovo and Jerusalem
Beyond Babylon ^ | 01-28-07 | Chaim Pekovic

Kosovo and Jerusalem:
The Role of the "International Community"
in Dismantling Yugoslavia and Its Parallels in
Ongoing Efforts to Destroy Israel

Cause and Effect in Israel (Dan. 9:11)

Israelis aren't 'racist' - they're worried

When Defense Minister Amir Peretz designated MK Ghaleb Majadle for a ministerial post, in order to garner Arab support for his position in Labor, Israel Beiteinu faction chairwoman Estherina Tartman branded the appointment "shameful and pitiful," "a huge ax poised over the neck of Zionism," and damaging to "Israel's character as a Jewish state."

Granted Tartman's outburst was contemptible. But that does not detract from the reality that increasingly hostile, even treasonable outbursts by Israeli Arabs against the state have created enormous resentment among Jewish Israelis. Some are beginning to regard their Arab neighbors as fifth columnists.

In large measure it is the radical Israeli-Arab politicians who compete against each other to undermine the legitimacy of the Jewish state who must shoulder the blame for this...

Israelis aren't 'racist' - they're worried

Israelis should be worried since their sworn Ishmaelites enemies were not properly expelled, as courageously called for by Meir Kahane, their treason grows and soon, measure for measure, the Jews will be expelled. Israelis should be worried enough to do something about it: "They must go!"

Numbers 33:54

55 But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then it shall be that those whom you let remain shall be irritants in your eyes and thorns in your sides, and they shall harass you in the land where you dwell. 56 Moreover it shall be that I will do to you as I thought to do to them.’”

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"West Bank" to suffer EU occupation first?

Olmert´s Party Proposes Handing ´West Bank´ to Europe
15:44 Jan 26, '07 / 7 Shevat 5767

A7 Radio's "The Tovia Singer Show"

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Aaron Klein, Jeruslaem Bureau Chief for, reports that a member of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Kadima party yesterday proposed transferring control of the Judea and Samaria to a European task force until the establishment of a Palestinian state, at which time the strategic territory would be handed to security forces associated with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Listen Now -or- Download


Woe to Ariel! (Jerusalem to suffer EU occupation)

Israel's Betrayal of the Jews

Ariel Sharon: From Zionist to Traitor

Kadima train to Auschwitz borders: Don't get on board!

Kadima Wins, Israel Loses!

Europe to Take Out Iran for Jerusalem

EU to Conquer Anglo-Saxons and Jews

The Secret Nazis Covet the Temple Mount

Paint Israel Black: Jews to Lose Jerusalem!

UN Resolution 181: Blueprint of the Beast?

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Kahane was right: Ishmael must go!

The Word and Will of God:

Genesis 25:6
But Abraham gave gifts to the sons of the concubines [Hagar was a concubine] which Abraham had; and while he was still living he sent them eastward, away from Isaac his son, to the country of the east. That's where the Arabs belong - away from Israel.

Genesis 25:12
[The Families of Ishmael and Isaac] Now this is the genealogy of Ishmael, Abraham’s son, whom Hagar the Egyptian, Sarah’s maidservant, bore to Abraham.

Sarah, under divine inspiration, demanded "Hagar and Ishmael must go!"

Genesis 21:10
Therefore she said to Abraham, “Cast out this bondwoman [Hagar] and her son [Ishmael]; for the son of this bondwoman shall not be heir with my son, namely with Isaac.”

Yet Ishmael has caused trouble in every country they're in, not just with Isaac, Arabs fighting amongst themselves and with everybody else - Ishmael's brethren (from the concubines clearly sent God had Ishmael sent away from Isaac):

Genesis 16:11-13
11You shall call his name Ishmael...
12 He shall be a wild man;
His hand shall be against every man,
And every man’s hand against him.

And he shall dwell in the presence of all his [Arab/concubine] brethren.”

Meir Kahane, Israeli parliament member and rabbi was right: THEY MUST GO!

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Why Israel does not win the war


copyright (c) 2007 by Mr. Joel Bainerman

"Why Israel doesn't win the war"
by Joel Bainerman
January 11, 2007

Mr. Reuven Koret
Editor and Publisher

Excerpt: "It would not be possible for Hamas to exist if the Israeli national leadership did not allow it to exist. It does exist because having Hamas and Hezbollah around allows the foreign elements to intervene freely in the affairs of the region -- through the national puppetships of Olmert, Abbas, and Seniora -- from all sides. That is how the foreign elements force their way into the domestic affairs of the countries -- and pressure national leaders to do the bidding of foreign masters".

YERUSHALIYIM, Israelite Tribal Territories of Judah and Benjamin, Kingdom of David and Solomon, United Israelite Kingdom of Judah and Joseph, Fourth Day, Eleventh Month ("Shvat"), 5767; Yom Shlishi (Third Day of Week/"Tues"-day, January 23, 2007) Root & Branch Information Services [] []:

When the expulsion from Gaza was taking place, I tried to tell anyone who would listen: "There is a reason these actions are taking place and it is not because all of a sudden Sharon became a lefty".

Today, I am trying to tell people that Ehud Olmert is not telling the Palestinians "You have won: We will give you everything" because he has "gone mad" or because he is being "naive".

Olmert and Sharon before him, and Rabin before him, are doing exactly what they are told: Creating the conditions for future conflict.

Here is how the game works:

Jews were forced to leave Gaza "for their own good". A low-intensity war was planned (the one taking place right now) between Israel and Hamas. The new plan was to introduce a whole new batch of instability into the area. Just as has been the "program" for the past 80 years in this region.

As a result, the Jews could not be allowed to remain in their homes.

Why not? Because if you want to have a manageable battlefield, you can not have Israeli citizens in the middle of it. Hamas needed space to set up their operations -- training grounds and firing zones. They could not do that in crowded Gaza streets. So Jewish settlements were torn down and Hamas training facilities and rocket launch sites were erected in their place.

Israel could destroy Hamas tomorrow, just as it could have destroyed Hezbullah in less than three days had the army been allowed to. Every Israeli knows this. So how come that did not and does not happen?

It is not because the Israeli national leadership is worried about "world public opinion". The citizens of the U.S. and the rest of the civilized world would not have a problem ending the continued existence of Hamas. Yet Israel does not do this.

Israel does not exterminate Hamas for the same reason America never caught Bin Laden.

The reason why the U.S. invaded Afghanistan in October, 2001, was "because the Taliban did not hand over Bin Laden". But five years later -- the Americans still cannot say for sure whether he is even alive or not. With all the might and power of the U.S. army and armies throughout the Western World, and intelligence agencies throughout the world, this one guy cannot be apprehended.

He is either superhuman, or the Western World is incompetent. Or: The West lets him get away.

Same thing with Israel: Can the I.D.F. not know exactly where the rocket launchers are in Gaza -- and knock them out from the air? Of course they can. So why are Israeli leaders not doing this? Because doing so would dramatically improve Israel's position and strength, and those from abroad who are pulling the strings do not want a strong and committed Jewish State. They thrive on Israel being divided and weak.

It would not be possible for Hamas to exist if the Israeli national leadership did not allow it to exist. It does exist because having Hamas and Hezbollah around allows the foreign elements to intervene freely in the affairs of the region -- through the national puppetships of Olmert, Abbas, and Seniora -- from all sides. That is how the foreign elements force their way into the domestic affairs of the countries -- and pressure national leaders to do the bidding of foreign masters.

Why do they do this? Take your pick: To control the events. To keep the region in a state of permanent conflict. To sell arms. To keep the price of oil high.

The "why" may be less important than the fact -- not appreciated by all -- that this is just the way it is. And always has been. Hamas and Hezbollah and Bin-Laden, by being allowed to survive, serve a common purposes of the elite masters of war: Intimidate, divide and rule. Not just the Middle East. The "democracies" of the West as well.

Shalom and Chodesh Tov from Zichron Ya'akov,

Mr. Joel Bainerman

About Joel Bainerman:
Joel Bainerman is a writer on Israeli and Middle East affairs, who has been researching Middle East political and economic subjects since 1983. His research reports and published archive may be viewed at [].

I wouldn’t doubt the Israeli “leaders” will collaborate with the Europeans to permit and ENABLE the Islamofascists to inflict further damage to Israel, beating Israel down psychologically and physically, so that the Israelis will feel it “necessary” for foreign intervention and welcome them as “saviors” when Bible believers know a brutal betray is in store once the fox is in the chicken coop. Watch for UN Resolution 181 to be offered as the “final solution.”

Israel's Betrayal of the Jews

Woe to Ariel! (Jerusalem to suffer EU occupation)

Ehud Olmert Playing with German Fire

God Save Us From Islam and Europe!

The German-EU Grows Restless Over Mideast Crisis

Europe to Take Out Iran for Jerusalem

Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Ishmael

Abraham has many descendants and most are British-Israelites and Jews, besides Arabs. However only the British-Israelite and Jews are direct descendants of ISAAC - the legitimate heir. Ishmael was sent away and his covetous, lying, thieving, murderous descendants who occupy parts of the Jewish Homeland needs to be sent away again.

Genesis 25:5-6

5 And Abraham gave all that he had to Isaac. 6 But Abraham gave gifts to the sons of the concubines which Abraham had; and while he was still living he sent them eastward, away from Isaac his son, to the country of the east.

Israel must submit to the Word and Will of God and remove the Ishmaelites again, as they've proven necessary time and again.

Abraham's attempt at "peaceful coexistence" has been a miserable failure, represented by the likes of Shimon Peres and his criminal Kadima company for all the wrong reasons - unlike Abraham who meant well:

Shimon Peres has No Clothes: Where's the Peace?

Sarah's divine wisdom to expel Ishmael must be followed or Israel will suffer the consequences:

Daniel Pipes: Can the Leopard Change Its Spots?

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The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11

The Two Witnesses will offer hope and comfort to our captive audience, the Jewish and Israelite peoples under the German-Jesuit jackboot. The Two Witnesses will help prepare Judah for the prophesied repentance that will welcome Yeshua to return and liberate Jerusalem from the European Beast and European False Prophet who will pollute the holy Temple upon the Temple Mount.

Israel and Judah Must Get House in Order Before King Messiah Arrives

The Great Mideast Commission: Reaching the Cities of Judah

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Blow the Trumpet offers Herbert W. Armstrong literature

A World Held Captive
All About Water Baptism
Are People Lost Because of Adam's Sin
Are We In the Last Days?
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Ending Your Financial Worries
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Has Time Been Lost?
How Often Should We Partake of the Lord's Supper?
How To Be an Overcomer
How To Prevent Sin
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How You Could Commit the Unpardonable Sin
Human Nature, Did God Create It?

The Importance of Fasting
Is All Animal Flesh Good Food?
Is Jesus God?
Just What Do You Mean.... Born Again?
Just What Do You Mean.... Conversion?
Just What Do You Mean.... The Kingdom of God?
Lazarus and the Rich Man
Life After Death
Local Assemblies Are Not Social Clubs
The Mark of the Beast
May, 1974 HWA Letter on Church Government
The Middle East in Prophecy
Military Service and War
Must God's Ministers Be Ordained By The Hand of Man
The Mystery of MELCHIZEDEK Solved!
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Herbert W. Armstrong


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Catholic Europe in Vogue?

Catholic Europe in Vogue?
by David Ben-Ariel

Are the Europeans about to restore the power and influence of their respective Royals? In Rome's mind, only an IMPERIAL RESTORATION can save mankind! That explains why the present pontiff has proclaimed that he's on a mission from God to unite Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals. How? By remodeling Europe after the grand design of the "Holy Roman Empire."

Recently, the Roman Catholic cardinal Alfons Maria Stickler from Austria, an advisor to the pope, reflected this position when interviewed by the German newspaper Schwabische Zeitung. When asked what ails our society, Stickler responded: "The principles that were once personified in the aristocracy of the past are now gone...The unconditional willingness to fight for the doctrines of the Holy Roman Church..." Will such a romantic view blind Europe? Will nostalgia for Europe's Catholic past soon sweep them off their feet?

Cardinal Stickler, speaking loftily of Europe's aristocrats, praised them as "loyal and devoted to the pope, politically neither right or left, only guided to realize the will of the pope and the Catholic honor...Aggressive Catholicism...only these aristocrats can save the world from moral decay."

The Vatican's working out a deal with ten European kings, with seductive offers of restoring them to political life upon their now dormant thrones, in exchange for their allegiance to the pope. Will Archduke Karl von Habsburg claim his "divine right" to the Austro-Hunagarian throne? He is the heir to the "Holy Roman Empire." Will the pope soon call upon him to serve as a figurehead, an emperor of sorts, over the United Kingdoms of Europe?

What crisis will coerce Europe to hastily accept the pope's indecent proposal to recreate the continent in his image? Yeltsin's death? An economic collapse? An Islamic threat? Surely GERMANY stands ready to defend "Western Christian civilization," even if means starting World War III!

This article was originally published in The National Messenger, November/December 1996

Bavarian Pope Entrusts Germany To Lead Europe, Others Wary Of The Grand Inquisitor

Germany to Take the EU Bull by the Horns

Europe's Bitter Roots

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The pope and the Holocaust deniers

The pope and the Holocaust deniers

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach - Tuesday, 16 January, 2007

Saddam Hussein's execution reminded us that some crimes are so heinous
no society can tolerate them, and that when you murder more than one
million people, even traditional opponents of the death penalty might
just applaud when you hang.

It is a lesson the Catholic Church would do well to contemplate. Last
week, the church broke ranks with nearly every moral voice and came out
publicly against Saddam's execution. But if that were not enough, Pope
Benedict XVI granted a private audience to a delegation of Iranian
officials, led by Iranian Foreign Minister Manoucher Mottaki, whose
ministry sponsored the recent Holocaust denial conference in Teheran.

The pope is the foremost spiritual leader on earth. It shocks every
moral sensibility that he would choose to legitimize a wretch like this.
More troubling yet, the pope conveyed warm greetings to Iranian
president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad through the delegation.

Warm greetings? Ahmadinejad is calling virtually every week for Israel's
annihilation. Does the pope have anything to share with this man aside
from his contempt? One would hope that a pope who witnessed the
Holocaust and the destruction of the Jewish people would practice extra
caution before hanging out with those who wish to renew Hitler's efforts.

LET'S NOT finesse this. Ahmadinejad is an international abomination who
can lay strong claim to being the single most hate-filled man alive.
Surely the pope can find more worthy recipients of his time and

Pope John Paul II was a man of great courage who helped to challenge and
defeat communism. Yet even he made the repeated mistake of legitimizing
terrorists, repeatedly meeting with Yasser Arafat. But if one might
excuse those meetings on the grounds that other world leaders did the
same, the pope's actions at the time of Arafat's death were jarring and
incomprehensible. He praised Arafat as "a leader of great charisma who
loved his people and sought to lead them toward national independence.
May God welcome in His mercy the soul of the illustrious deceased and
give peace to the Holy Land."

Did anyone seriously believe that God was going to welcome this
baby-killer into heaven rather than placing him in hell? Why would
virtuous and righteous men like John Paul and Benedict make such
outrageous mistakes?

The Catholic Church seems to spend a great deal of time upholding its
standards of sexual morality, like condemning gay unions and
contraception, and comparably little time condemning the tyrants and
dictators who slaughter the children whose lives the church declares to
be holy. So why the omission?

It bespeaks an unfortunate and continuing pattern on behalf of our
Christian brethren to refuse to hate evil. Many of my Christian brothers
and sisters mistakenly believe that God forbids hatred. They quote
Jesus' teaching to turn the other cheek and his admonishment to love
your enemies as proof that we dare never hate.

AS A radio host, I am called by many evangelical Christians who say that
in God's eyes we are all sinners, and thus from a heavenly perspective
Osama bin Laden and the average housewife from Kansas are equal. Bin
Laden must indeed face justice for his crimes, but we dare not hate him
seeing that Jesus still loves him.

But this is a travesty of Jesus' teachings. It would make this great
Hebrew personality into someone who had contempt for his victims as he
extended love to their murderers. Jesus advocated turning the other
cheek to petty slights and affronts to honor, not to mass graves and
torture chambers.

Likewise, while Jesus taught that we ought to love our own enemies, this
did not apply to God's enemies. Our enemies are people who take our
parking spot or who are our rivals for a promotion at work. God's
enemies are those who slaughter his children.

Let not any Christian think that Jesus' sympathy was for anyone other
than the oppressed and the poor. True, the Bible commands us to "love
our neighbor as ourselves," but the man who kills children is not our
neighbor. Having cast off the image of God, he has lost his divine spark
and is condemned to eternal oblivion, from which not even a belief in
salvation will rescue him.

He who murders God's children has been lost to God forever and has
abandoned all entitlement to love, earning eternal derision in its stead.

AMID MY deep and abiding respect for the Christian faith, I state
unequivocally that to love the terrorist who flies a civilian plane into
a civilian building, or a white supremacist who drags a black man three
miles while tied to the back of a car is not just inane, it is deeply
sinful. To send warm greetings to an Iranian president who has just
hosted a former head of the KKK is an affront to blacks throughout the
world just as much as it is to Jews.

To love evil is itself evil, and constitutes a passive form of complicity.

We are all known by the company we keep. If Ahmadinejad of Iran called
for the extermination of all the world's Catholics, the pope might think
twice before meeting his representatives. He ought to accord the same
respect to his Jewish brethren.

The writer is host of The Learning Channel's television program "Shalom
in the Home," whose second season begins on January 21. He is currently
writing a book on the necessity of hating evil (


Shalom Shmuel,

If you truly understood and believed that the Roman Catholic Cult is foreign to Christianity in every sense of the word, the Babylonian Mystery religion dressed in papal drag, you wouldn't be so shocked about the "lapses" of the sorcerer-popes, in the spirit of Balaam, meeting or greeting those who are intent on Israel's destruction. After all, they are Roman wolves in sheep's clothing whose evil eye is on Jerusalem and who covet the Temple Mount.

The vipers in the Vatican cannot be trusted.

I say this as a Christian Zionist, not as a Jew or other non-believer.

For Zion's sake,
David Ben-Ariel

Bavarian Pope Entrusts Germany To Lead Europe, Others Wary Of The Grand Inquisitor

Pope John Paul II Was No Saint

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You're not born again yet?

Professing Christians would do well to believe Yeshua and Paul who clearly taught those who are born again - at the return of Yeshua and the simultaneous First Resurrection - will be divine Spirit-Beings who will reign with but under Yeshua, the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Born Again: The Kingdom of God!

Kingdom of God-Beings to Rule Earth from Jerusalem!

Man Questions Whether We'll Be Angelic Or Divine

Sneak Preview of the Kingdom of God!

Born Again and Heaven and Hell

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jews to receive Jesus as Israel's King!

Jews to receive Jesus as Israel's King!
by David Ben-Ariel

Is there strong indication in the Bible that Israel will have a change of heart and accept Yeshua because of the preaching of two prophets in Jerusalem, the Two Witnesses announced in Zechariah 4 and Revelation 11? Will the Jews grasp Jesus is the Anointed One, the Lamb and Lion of God, and finally convert?

Yes! There is definite proof of such as Yeshua clearly said He wouldn't return to Jerusalem, Judah or the Jews until they have a change of heart and welcome Him. The Two Witnesses, in the power and spirit of Elijah (who is dead and buried and awaits the First Resurrection), will prepare the way by preparing our people to receive our King!

Matthew 23:39

39 for I say to you, you shall see Me no more till you say, 'Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD!'

Zechariah the prophet foresees such a long-awaited repentance and recognition! The Jews in Jerusalem will perceive that the Pierced One is the Firstborn of Judah and the Firstborn of God -- our King Messiah!

Zechariah 12:10-15

10 "And I will pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication; then they will look on Me whom they pierced. Yes, they will mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son, and grieve for Him as one grieves for a firstborn. 11 In that day there shall be a great mourning in Jerusalem, like the mourning at Hadad Rimmon in the plain of Megiddo. 12 And the land shall mourn, every family by itself: the family of the house of David [political establishment] by itself, and their wives by themselves; the family of the house of Nathan by itself, and their wives by themselves; 13 the family of the house of Levi [religious establishment] by itself, and their wives by themselves; the family of Shimei by itself, and their wives by themselves; 14 all the families that remain, every family by itself, and their wives by themselves.

Yeshua, first and foremost, is the King of the Jews, the King of Israel (all Twelve Tribes of Israel). Yeshua is coming back specifically to keep alive God's physical promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and our Israelite forefathers who left Egypt: the iron-clad promise that the Fathers will always have some survivors, some physical remnant, beyond any shadow of a doubt.

The cities of Judah will hear this message loud and clear:

Matthew 24:22

22 And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.

Romans 11:28

28 Concerning the gospel they are enemies for your sake, but concerning the election they are beloved for the sake of the fathers.

Leviticus 26:44-45

44 Yet for all that, when they are in the land of their enemies, I will not cast them away, nor shall I abhor them, to utterly destroy them and break My covenant with them; for I am the LORD their God.

45 But for their sake I will remember the covenant of their ancestors, whom I brought out of the land of Egypt in the sight of the nations, that I might be their God: I am the LORD.

We are the physical elect, the physical Chosen People -- primarily the British-Israelites and Jews, Joseph and Judah -- for whose sakes' those days will be cut short by divine intervention or we would all be history and Satan could say God is a liar. But God's Word is good and true and He will prepare our people by a baptism of repentance by the Two Witnesses, speaking to our captive audience from Jerusalem (having been conquered by the German-Jesuit EU), giving us the GOOD NEWS that our personal lord and NATIONAL SAVIOR, our NATIONAL DELIVERER, is coming soon to save us.

It is this glorious GOOD NEWS that I share within the first chapter of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall, appropriately called: "Survival Guaranteed!"

David Ben-Ariel is a Christian-Zionist writer and author of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall. With a focus on the Middle East and Jerusalem, his analytical articles help others improve their understanding of that troubled region. Check out the Beyond Babylon blog.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Will Israel investigate Shimon Peres' role in Yitzhak Rabin's assassination?

Hendel Proposes to Annul Statute of Limitations on Murder of PM
16:17 Jan 15, '07 / 25 Tevet 5767
by Baruch Gordon

MK Tzvi Hendel (National Union) is sponsoring a law enabling the state to prosecute a person suspected of murdering a prime minister anytime after the event, without any criminal limitations period.

Did Shimon Peres get away with murder? Let the Israeli authorities investigate the role of Shimon Peres in the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

It appears Yitzhak Rabin was sacrificed by the Israeli oligarchy for their German-Jesuit masters intent on occupying Jerusalem.

Shimon Peres Came to Power Over Rabin's Dead Body

Vatican Linked to the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Shimon Peres Came to Power Over Rabin's Dead Body

Shimon Peres Came to Power Over Rabin's Dead Body

Hitler Will Judge Us!

Hitler Will Judge Us!

Silence = Death

We must plead on behalf of the innocent, and be the voice of those without adequate representation. The greatest crime against humanity is going on now! Yet millions of professing Christians look the other way in shameful silence: ABORTION! It used to be a country’s worst enemies who ripped up their pregnant women—now we’ve turned on ourselves. Don't abort our future: Think twice, choose life, let love grow.

Defend life: present the case of the preborn before the public, and rescue them from the abortionist’s kangaroo court. We’ve sacrificed our children on the altars of convenience, baptized our babies in blood, and trashed their grisly remains—if they haven’t been sold for Nazi experiments. Where’s the moral outrage been? Why haven’t we demanded that our government intervene? Stop the slaughter!

God sees the bloodbath we’re permitting. He knows the hard hearts, calloused consciences, and dishonest individuals that are involved and will bring them to trial: "Shall I not punish them for these things? says the LORD. And shall I not avenge Myself on such a nation as this?" (Jer. 5:9). No wonder God’s going to allow our German-Jesuit enemies to be so cruel!

HITLER Will Judge Us!

Hitler’s Nazi Germany will rise up in judgment against our hypocritical nations! We condemned them and now we’re acting worse than they did! We didn’t buy their lame excuses of ignorance or blind obedience, and yet today we try to hide our horrors behind "it’s the law of the land."

We allow DEATH CLINICS in major cities, and support those mad doctors who ought to be tried for murder. We condemned those German businesses who became rich at others expense, and yet our land is filled with the abortionists' BLOOD MONEY! It’s not a God-given right to take the life of your child.

That some would argue it’s not a baby, and others attempt to justify this carnage…. It’s obvious we’re under a CURSE if we can’t even think straight! Our Puritan ancestors properly discerned, “Whom God would destroy, He first sends mad” (Deut. 28:28). God save us from ourselves...

Excerpt from Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall, Chapter Four - "Victims of Tradition"

Abortion: Blood of Innocents (Jeremiah 7:31)

David Ben-Ariel is a Christian-Zionist writer and author of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall. With a focus on the Middle East and Jerusalem, his analytical articles help others improve their understanding of that troubled region. Check out the Beyond Babylon blog.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall - Chapter 4 - Victims of Tradition

Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall
Chapter 4
Victims of Tradition
by David Ben-Ariel

True to His Word, God settled Israel in the Promised Land of
good and plenty, offering golden opportunities and every given
advantage. But unlike Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, their descendants
took everything for granted, began to lose contact with God’s reality,
and actually forgot who rescued them from Egypt!

God warned Israel for years about the dangerous road they were
taking. He patiently tried every possible approach to reach them, and
exhausted various methods to get through to them before it was too
late. But He had nothing to show for it. All His efforts to work with
these “repeat offenders” hadn’t produced any positive results. God’s
people failed to respond to His message and only grew more
bullheaded. There was only one option left for disciplining Israel’s

Israel was imprisoned in exile! Jacob discovered how dreadful
wardens can be. Even Israel’s hardened criminals (Ps. 95:8) were
soft compared to their callous conquerors (Deut. 28:50). Subjected
to sadists, terrorized by torture, Israel begged and cried for God to
save them (Ps. 107:13). In their hell-holes, their “brain-cells” and
think tanks, they had plenty of time to reflect upon their wayward
lives (Isa. 24:22). When the heat’s on, it can result in some serious
soul-searching (Isa. 48:10). Usually it’s easier to learn and listen
when you’re down and out, because you have nothing to lose and
everything to gain: “And if they are bound in fetters, held in the cords
of affliction, then he tells them their [crime] and [what their problem
is]—that they have acted defiantly. He also opens their ear to
instruction, and commands that they turn from [their wrong ways and
life of crime]” (Job 36:8-10).

It’s typical to turn to God—when you’re in trouble (Hos. 5:15).
The true test of character is when you’re out of trouble: will you
remain in your new relationship? Israel had sued, in effect, for
divorce when they broke their vows and committed adultery
(idolatry). Prophets substantiated these charges. Israel was
convicted and led away, separated from their God-given country.
Humbled by circumstances, Israel became more ready and
willing to try and do what’s right. Captivity gave them sufficient time
to think things over and realize their relationship with God hadn’t
been the greatest. They remembered God’s attempts to patch things
up and their stubborn refusal to accept the “marriage counseling”
offered by the prophets.

Jacob had gone downhill fast and degenerated into a party animal
(deforming his God-given appearance). He let himself go and
indulged in degradation until his deportation. But finally sick of
sowing his wild oats and only heaping up more trouble for himself,
deprived of his “homelife” (that he had taken for granted) and
missing his homeland—Israel repented. Nothing could compare to
God (Hos.13: 9-11).

Incentive to Improve

Whenever our behavior gets out of control, GOD LETS US
LOSE CONTROL! When we’re held hostage to bad habits, and
refuse to let them go, WE GO INTO CAPTIVITY! A national lack of
discipline results in God sending CORRECTIVE PUNISHMENT!
Then we wake up and get with it, and beg God to save us. The whole
purpose is to bring us to our knees and senses. That’s the main reason
behind God letting us fall to Europe: to rise again in Christ!

God doesn’t demand perfection, but He does expect progress. His
message of love and forgiveness ought to encourage everybody to
make something of themselves. We’re to improve our lives. He even
offers us a loan (His Holy Spirit) to better ourselves, and He promises
to always stay by our side and see us through: “Fear not, for I am with
you be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, yes,
I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand” (Isa.

God doesn’t kick you when you’re down, but helps you to get
back up and going: “For You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive,
and abundant in mercy to all those who call upon You” (Ps. 86:5).
God isn’t interested in our downfall or damnation, but in our
forgiveness and salvation. “For God did not send the Son into the
world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might
be saved” (John 3:17). God loves you!

National Heroes

Whenever Israel would change their ways—having second
thoughts during their distress, reconsidering their options in times of
trouble—God would send relief. A charismatic individual (or group
of individuals) would stand out from the rest, inspired with an urgent
sense of mission, and receive empowerment to rescue Israel. They’d
liberate their land, beat back their foes, and restore Israel to their God
(Judges 2:18).

These folk heroes were known as “judges.” God had chosen them
from all walks of life and from all areas of Israel. Many are familiar
with Samson, Deborah, or Gideon—just to name a few. The biblical
book of Judges is devoted to recounting their daring expeditions. But
their duties went far beyond the military—that was only a means to
an end (Zech. 4:6). They were more interested in waging war against
those causes for Israel’s relapse.

These guerrillas for God and commandos for Christ would save
Israel from their enemies, and then attempt to save them from
themselves. Israel was their own worst enemy. The army chaplains
had their work cut out for them to exorcise Israel of their demonic
practices (Ps. 106:37). They never truly eradicated the evil
influences of paganism, but they managed to keep the problem under

As guidance counselors and parole officers, the judges prescribed
national therapy. They explored the reasons why Israel would fall off
the wagon and go on a backsliding binge. They urged the nation to
recognize their habitual pattern and exercise greater self-restraint.
How? By avoiding the Babylonian bars, the Canaanite clubs, and the
Egyptian dens of iniquity! Israel was cautioned against spiritual
promiscuity, and encouraged to stay sober and celibate. They were to
remain separate, act different, and be distinct from all the others, by
strengthening their ties with the GOD of the Hebrews.

Never Forget!

The judges were to champion Israel’s cause and remind them of
their humble origins. How we were a nobody, as good as dead,
enslaved to Egypt—but by God’s grace we were made over, in His
own image, at Mt. Sinai (Ezek. 16). We were to remember our roots:
because God is committed to the covenant that He made with our
fathers, He chose us as His People. We’re to NEVER FORGET how
unique our experience was: “For ask now concerning the days that
are past… whether any great thing like this has happened, or
anything like it has been heard… did God ever try to go and take for
Himself a nation from the midst of another nation… according to all
that the LORD your God did for you in Egypt… because He loved
your fathers, therefore He chose their descendants after them and He
brought you out of Egypt with His Presence, with His mighty power”
(Deut. 4:32-37).

But we haven’t been grateful! We’ve forgotten WE OWE OUR
EXISTENCE TO GOD! We need to live mindful of that fact and live
accordingly. If there’s a God, why live like there isn’t one? If Jesus
is the Messiah, then why ignore Him?

We’ve gone off into our own little worlds. Consequently, we’re
on the verge of a breakdown. Our nation’s about to collapse! We’re
going into captivity! We’ve trampled precious values for worthless
flings, and now permit perverts to redefine what’s “normal.”
Submerged in a moral morass, we suffer from gang violence,
abortion and AIDS, and yet the movie and music industries continue
to create more monstrosities. We need to stop those pyromaniacs
from throwing fuel on society’s fire. The coming holocaust is going
to burn us all!

We’ve been living a lie and have loved to indulge in deception.
“Don’t confuse me with the facts” has been our shameful attitude,
and truth has been treated like some social outcast. Therefore, God
threatens to use Europe to wake us up!

Crumbling Foundations

The judges were to warn us that we’ve forgotten the foundation
for our family’s stability and national security. We’ve downplayed
the roots of true religion and proper government: the Mosaic Law.
We’ve cut ourselves off from God’s covenant, undermined our
future, and divorced ourselves from reality. In short, we’ve been
acting like A BASTARD NATION! We’re to return to the faith of
our fathers, and end our strained relationship with them (Malachi
4:4-6). We haven’t been “like father, like son.” And we haven’t seen
eye to eye, because we’ve been distracted. We’re torn between two
lovers: God and mammon (worldly riches).

The American dream of religious freedom has been abandoned in
pursuit of mindless materialism! God says to seek first the Kingdom
of God and all these things will be added to you. But we’ve got our
priorities backwards. We’ve turned our blessing into a CURSE!
Joseph’s birthright, with all of its health and wealth, has been
idolized and abused! We’ve gone out of our way to corrupt the divine
image into self-made men and women (Deut. 8:17). We insist on
playing by our own rules and reject any thought of possible
consequences. Can justice be delayed forever?

Twisted Priorities

Since we’re A NATION LIVING IN SIN—Jacob disowns us,
Abraham doesn’t recognize us, and Isaac mourns our mixed
marriages. Israel’s birthmark was obedience to God (Gen. 18:19).
The rabbis have noted that, for all intents and purposes, the “Lost
Ten Tribes” are like Gentiles today. However, we’re to return to the
God, faith and works of our fathers. We’re to honor and respect them
by following our Father God: “Doubtless You are our Father, though
Abraham was ignorant of us, and Israel does not acknowledge us.
You, O LORD, are our Father [not the pope] our Redeemer from
Everlasting is Your name” (Isa. 63:16).

Each time God rescued us from others to serve Him again, we
promised to straighten up and get our act together and keep our part
of the bargain: God would be our GOD and we would be His people.
However, characteristic of our unfaithfulness, we continually broke
our promise and betrayed our faith (Hos. 6:7). We’ve neglected
God’s Word and have taken His truth lightly. How many people do
you know who read the Bible? And try to live by it? Today it’s
acceptable to know all sorts of sports figures, music trivia, and
entertainment facts, but remain totally ignorant about what the Bible
says! People are prejudiced against it that haven’t even read it.
Others have attempted to read it and couldn’t understand the old
English—so get a modern version. Don’t give up!

We “can’t afford” to tithe and yet somehow always manage to
find money for other things: cigarettes and beer, new clothes, another
car or cruise, etc. (Malachi 3:8-10). God says we’ve stolen from
Him! He’s put the whole nation under a curse. We keep piling up our
sins worse than the national debt. No wonder our money doesn’t
seem to stretch too far and it’s becoming more difficult to make ends
meet. We’re throwing away good money after bad each time we
withhold tribute to God (Hag. 1:3-11). There are spiritual factors
behind our economic crisis! It’s in our best national interest to obey
God and invest some time in personal Bible study.

Illegitimate Children

But instead of developing our relationship with God and staying
sober and celibate, we’ve whored around and given birth to pagans
(Hos. 5:7). That’s why God can’t accept us as His National Priest
since our lifestyle choice misrepresents Him! God doesn’t want any
part in our perversion. Since we’ve denied His natural order of
things, He won’t recognize our illegitimate children! He hasn’t
fathered them (Hos. 4:6).

God says we haven’t been humble and obedient like Abraham—
the father of the faithful—but are “…a rebellious people, lying
children, children who will not hear the law of the LORD…” and
don’t want anything to do with the truth. We don’t want to be shown
where we’re wrong, and we don’t want to hear about it (Isa. 30:9-11).
“So you shall say to them, ‘This is a nation that does not obey the
voice of the LORD their God nor receive correction” (Jer. 7:28).
We’ve orphaned ourselves and act like bastards!

Drunks and Whores

Instead of becoming a model-nation we’ve become a STRIPPER!
We’ve taken all the fine things that God’s given us and laid them out
before foreigners (Hos. 2:1-13). We’ve squandered our time and
energy in pagan ways and heathen practices. Therefore, God’s going
to be left exposed to the elements and stripped bare before NAKED
AGGRESSION! Since we refuse to return to God, we’ll be sent back

We’re a nation of DRUNKS AND WHORES—so God’s going to
let us hit bottom so hard it’ll appear we’ll never bounce back! God’s
no longer going to enable us to carry on in our ways, drinking
ourselves to death and dying for sex. We’ve gone from bad to worse:
“You have stricken them, but they have not grieved You have
consumed them, but they have refused to receive correction. They
have made their faces harder than rock they have refused to return”
(Jer. 5:3).

We’ve become so hard-hearted, so cold and cruel, nothing seems
to faze us anymore, but God’s taking away His protective shield (Isa.
5:5). We’re going to be ravaged by the weather and our enemies! But
we don’t attribute the dramatic increase in “natural disasters” and
crazy weather to a spiritual upheaval. We fail to see any connection
between our land and our lives, even though Solomon was wise
enough to know there’s a link (1 Kgs. 8:35-40). We should realize
that nature doesn’t have a mind of its own, but can be used by our
Creator to get us thinking (Jer. 5:20-25).

Eviction Notices

We’ve left God’s ways, throughout history, to follow men’s
ideas. We’d lose our love for the truth and become enamored with
error. Due to this spiritual insult and breach of contract, God would
send a number of eviction notices. He’d cite us for breaking our lease
and inform us we’d worn out our welcome. But we’d rip us those
notices and abuse those who delivered them: “And the LORD has
sent to you all His servants the prophets, rising early and sending
them [far in advance], but you have not listened nor inclined your ear
to hear. They said, ‘Repent now every one of his evil way and his evil
doings, and dwell in the land that the LORD has given to you and
your fathers forever and ever” (Jer. 25:4-5).

We didn’t want to be reminded that God had set us free from men
to serve Him. We could only call the Holy Land home as long as we
remained holy! There were clauses that if we failed to make repairs
and keep the place clean, we could forfeit our biblical right to the
land and be DISINHERITED (Jer. 17:4).

When Egypt denied us religious freedom and imposed their
beliefs on our forefathers, God prepared the Promised Land to
accommodate His people. This Homeland was to serve as God’s
Sanctuary and Israel’s Haven. It offered us rest from politico-
religious persecution. We were now free to obey God and throw off
the shackles of human traditions. That was God’s Purpose for
bringing us out from under the illusions of men: “For He
remembered His holy promise, and Abraham his servant. He brought
out His people with joy, His chosen ones with gladness. He gave
them the lands of the Gentiles, and they inherited the labor of the
nations, that they might observe His statutes and keep His laws” (Ps.

God promised Abraham, His servant, that He would choose his
descendants as His Servant-Nation—that’s why Israel is called the
“Chosen People.” Our deliverance from Egypt was only a type of our
future deliverance from Europe!

What we’ve seen, on a regular basis, is that we must be saved
from our sins—not just from men. Moses represented Christ who’ll
truly set Israel free from this vicious cycle of sin and slavery.
Because as long as Israel’s spiritual giants lived, the people followed
their example but Israel’s resolve died as soon as they did. Israel was
only faithful in being fickle. “Therefore You delivered them into the
hand of their enemies, who oppressed them and in the time of their
trouble, when they cried to You, You heard from heaven and
according to Your abundant mercies You gave them deliverers who
saved them from the hand of their enemies… and testified against
them, that You might bring them back to Your law… And they
shrugged their shoulders, stiffened their necks, and would not hear…
Nevertheless in Your great mercy You did not utterly [destroy] them
nor forsake them for You are God, gracious and merciful” (Neh.

Chaos and Confusion

In between judges, SPIRITUAL ANARCHY reigned! Everyone
was on his own. It was “let your conscience be your guide,” and there
were as many “unlicensed guides” as there were Israelites. They had
rejected their common consensus: God’s law. Without the compass
of God’s commandments they quickly became lost in chaos and
confusion! From beginning to end, Israel insisted on doing their own
thing: “In those days there was no king [moral leadership] in Israel
everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25).
Doesn’t it sound like today? It depends on what you mean by “right!”
It’s been said, “Civilizations do not give out, they give in. In a
society where anything goes, eventually, everything will” (John
Underwood/The Boston Globe). Israel’s liberty enslaved them!
Without exercising the necessary self-restraint, Israel drowned in
self-indulgence. They had forgotten—and refused to remember—
GOD had set us free to obey Him. They forgot that self-denial’s
crucial for self-fulfillment. They rejected the character of God’s
commandments to cater to self-interests. Therefore, resisting the
Spirit, God gave them over to the flesh.

Playing “God” was Israel’s mortal wound. Demanding their
rights, they determined for themselves what’s right and what’s
wrong, rejecting God’s standard of good and evil. For example: God
had commanded the complete destruction of the Canaanites. As the
Life-Giver and Creator-Sustainer of the entire universe, God has the
prerogative of deciding who should live or die and if and when. Not
just for men, but for entire nations and/or peoples too.

The Bible records God’s verdicts on everything from individuals
to families, cities to nations—even the whole surface of the earth
once! Yes, the Hebrew God commanded Israel to participate in
“ethnic cleansing”—to commit genocide in His Name. God
authorized Canaan’s destruction and sealed their fate. But Israel had
“a better idea.” They wanted to be more humane and understanding
than God is, so instead of obeying God’s clear-cut commands, Israel
decided to compromise. They only killed some and spared others,
defying the Executive Order. God sanctioned Canaan’s death and
Israel pardoned them instead. And God does command capital
punishment: “…for [the minister of state] does not bear the sword in
vain for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him
who practices evil” (Rom. 13:4). Vengeance is God’s, but He often
takes it out through human instruments. There isn’t any
contradiction: “Thou shall not kill” is more properly translated
“murder” (Matt. 5:21).

After seeing time and again how twisted “Palestinian” parents
rejoice, and their people dance like demons in the street, whenever a
mass murder/terrorist attack has occurred, it’s easier to understand
how God knows some have already forfeited any future for
themselves and have condemned their own children.

Mercy of Fools

Israel paid dearly for their mercy of fools. It eventually cost them
their land and lives! We can’t afford to compromise with sin—it only
leads to catastrophe. Sin must be uprooted or we’ll defeat our
purpose. Israel’s promotion of “peace and understanding” robbed
them of what sense they did possess. Such a ridiculous “peace” only
served the interests of Israel’s enemies. It enabled the pagans to
prosper and grow until they could turn around and declare a
CULTURAL WAR against them (Deut. 7:1-16).

Israel’s liberal policy of “separate but equal” gave way to the
more dangerous “peaceful coexistence” (Judges 1:28). Did God try
and live with Satan? Did He just dismiss the attempted coup as an
“understandable” outburst of anger and frustration? Or did God
throw Satan and his insurgents out? It wasn’t an issue of whether
“there’s enough room for both”—it was an act of justice! Yet Israel’s
state of confusion attempts to live side by side with sworn enemies!
They’re actually dying to try anything but what God says.

The realist rabbi, Meir Kahane, was absolutely right. He cited Israel’s
reluctance to “sink to the level” of the Arab terrorists as the reason
they continue to be sunk six feet beneath them! Self-defense isn’t
about what you want to do, but what you’ve got to do to survive.
While the “Canaanite” minorities plot their takeover, waiting for
their first opportunity to revolt, Israel blindly engages in “peace
talks” and flirts with the false notion of “limited autonomy!” God
commands Canaan’s death—or at least EXPULSION! Two peoples
living on the same land, both claiming it by divine right, will never
know a “just and lasting peace” (Judges 11:24). Common sense
should tell us that much, regardless of “Mideast experts.” Until
decisive action is taken, and the biblical solution enforced, we’ll
only witness an escalation in this WAR OF ATTRITION.

Everything’s Upside Down

Part of the punishment to come upon our people is: “The alien
who is among you shall rise higher and higher above you, and you
shall come down lower and lower. He shall lend to you, but you shall
not lend to him he shall be the head, and you shall be the tail” (Deut.

Today that’s happening! It’s going on right before our eyes! Mass
voter registration, “social mobility,” and “economic empowerment”
are running us right out of our own neighborhoods, public office and
the work place. The minorities in our midst have turned the tables
and reversed the roles—with our help! How sick. Reverse
discrimination is the law of the land. Quotas condemn and exclude
our own people. The WASPs are being chased by the “Canaanites!”

Minorities Out of Control

The Gentile animals stalk our land, rob us of our children, and
steal us blind (Lev. 26:22). We’re afraid to leave our homes, our
streets are unsafe to stroll, and our inner cities are a wasteland. Our
prisons are overflowing, welfare is overtaxed, and the white man’s
overburdened. Everywhere we look, the terror and devastation
testify we’re being CURSED FOR DISOBEDIENCE (Deut. 28:15).
Our national energy’s sapped, our strength’s drained, and our
resources spent. Foreigners have exploited JOSEPH’S

Our inheritance is almost gone. We’ve forgotten
“charity begins at home.” America’s too young to die, Britain’s
growing old and bald before his time, but we still refuse to go to our
Doctor: “Ephraim [the British Commonwealth] has mixed himself
among the peoples. Ephraim is [half-baked]. Aliens have devoured
his strength, but he does not know it. Yes, gray hairs are here and
there on him, yet [we still don’t get it]. And the pride of Israel
[America/Britain] testifies to his face [we’re confronted with the
facts and figures—they’re right before us], but they do not return to
the LORD their God, nor seek Him for all this” (Hos. 7:8-10). What
will it take? What do we demand?

Drowning in Debt

As we go further into NATIONAL DEBT AND DISGRACE,
instead of turning to God for divine assistance, we turn to foreigners
for loans! But it’ll be our downfall! Will Europe offer to bail us out?
Japan keep us afloat? Or will they forcibly put us into receivership?
Throw us into debtor’s jail? Require FORCED LABOR? Who
hasn’t heard of loan sharks (Hos. 7:11-12)? Or how they fly into a
frenzy over blood money? They won’t just break our bones—they’ll
BOMB OUR CITIES (Ezek. 6:6).

If Israel (the Anglo-Israelite and Jewish peoples) insists on
sacrificing national security (out of fear of world opinion, instead of
exercising faith in God), or sells themselves short because of UN/EU
politics, they’ll have signed their own death warrant! To submit to
this needless blackmail, or shamefully follow others orders, is
tantamount to treason!

Too many chant the mindless mantra of “Never again!” that
mesmerizes fools for peace at any price and rings hollow because the
Jews are going again, slowly but surely, through the lying peace
process of phased destruction. The only ones (thank God for the
precious few) who are making any fuss about it, dragging their heels
rather than go like sheep to the slaughter, are roundly condemned by
their own leaders and American administrations and worthless world
opinion as “enemies of peace,” “obstacles to peace,” and other name
brands because they don’t want to “rest in peace” but live and

GOD is Israel’s One and Only! He’s our Husband and King.
We’re not supposed to allow other heads-of-state to push us around
or dare bully us with threats. Doesn’t a descendant of David (Queen
Elizabeth II), rule from God’s earthly Throne (1 Chron. 29:23)?
Aren’t we God’s earthly Kingdom (1 Chron. 28:5)? Didn’t we tell
the world to take notice when we defied pharaoh to obey God?
Wasn’t that Message loud and clear? Are we afraid to take a stand
now? Isn’t Israel’s KING able to back up His claims (Amos 5:6)?
Can’t He protect and reward those who risk it all to follow His lead?
Isn’t our GOD above and over all, and in control of everything?

Failing Foreign Affairs

Nevertheless, Israel—starved for this world’s affection and
seeking their approval (Jer. 4:30)—bent over backwards to oblige
every evil and support every cause (Ezek. 16:33). Since “two’s
company, but three’s a crowd,” Israel’s worship of the “Lord” (Baal)
and his mistress, the “queen of heaven,” left little room for the
Hebrew God (Judges 2:11-13). But just as well, because the
BIBLICAL GOD refuses to associate with such bad company (Ex.

Israel fell for the foreigners, foolishly believed their lies, and
blindly loved their ways: “They did not destroy the peoples,
concerning whom the LORD had commanded them, but they
mingled with the Gentiles and learned their works…” (Ps. 106:34-
35). In doing so, Jacob scrapped God’s righteousness for human
ethics (Ps. 119:172), substituted pagan holidays for God’s holy days,
and forgot God’s blueprint to construct their own “new world order”
(1 Thes. 5:3).

In their mad rush to assimilate, Israel accepted Canaan’s chic
ways and downplayed their differences. This “progressive” stance
caused many to fall, and Jacob’s tolerance destroyed his own
immunity! Ancient Israel fell prey to every con-artist (painting pretty
pictures of peace), passing phase or new fad—drunk on the
ecumenical spirits. Yes, “…they have erred through wine, and
through intoxicating drink are out of the way the priest and the
prophet have erred through intoxicating drink, they are swallowed
up by wine, they are out of [their wits and gone astray] through
intoxicating drink they [can’t see or think straight], they stumble in
judgment [they can’t even walk a straight line]. For all tables are full
of vomit and filth no place is clean” (Isa. 28:7-8). The party’s over,
the place is trashed, and everybody’s going to wake up with a

It’s interesting to note that, during my days as a lowly kibbutz-
volunteer, the British were notorious for being drunks. They had
earned such a bad reputation that some kibbutzim and moshavim
wouldn’t accept any English volunteers. God condemns the
Sceptered Isle for being SPIRITUAL DRUNKS! He castigates
“…the crown of pride, the drunkards of Ephraim” (Isa. 28:1-3). Of
course, we’ve all been a bunch of drunks and whores, in love with
Babylonian babes and brew: “Harlotry, wine, and new wine enslave
the heart… For the spirit of [promiscuity] has caused them to stray
[from the truth], and they have [whored around] against their God”
(Hos. 4:11-12). What nation hasn’t had one too many Catholic
concoctions (Rev. 17:2)? It’s past time to GET SOBER!

An Identity Crisis

Israel’s compromise tested cancerous, Jacob’s new
“understanding” proved contagious their “enlightened” attempts to
appease others diseased themselves! It ate away at the very fabric of
their biblical society. In pushing the “peace process” forward, Israel
fell backwards, sacrificed their divine culture, and became confused
about their own identity! Jacob’s experiment with civil rights
backfired, as their “equals” became emboldened at Israel’s expense!

Today, by the same token, MILITANT MINORITIES have a
dream: SUPREMACY. They only clamor for “equality” as a
stepping-stone for their real goal: replacing those in the positions of
power with their own kind. (Please notice I stress militant minorities.
There are many minority members who aren’t out to harm or
undermine Israelite culture and are a wonderful part of it).
Multiculturalism is mad and destroys national unity!

Likewise, the early Church faithfully kept the SEVENTH DAY
SABBATH (sunset Friday to sunset Saturday) for several hundred
years. Later, under political pressure and religious opposition, they
backed down. They allowed the observance of “the venerable day of
the Sun” back-to-back with God’s Sabbath. What a tragic mistake!
We’re still suffering the consequences.

By sanctioning Sunday services, the Church gave SUNday the
necessary clout to claim “equality.” That peaceful coexistence was
short-lived, however. Soon the Gentile “converts” managed to make
it illegal for Christians to keep the “Jewish Sabbath!” In 365, during
the Council of Laodicea, they forcibly substituted Sunday for the
seventh day Sabbath!

Earlier, to promote “unity”—NOT the truth—the Council of
Nicea (in 325 AD) ruled the Christian PASSOVER (commemorating
Jesus’ death) had to go! Whoever disagreed faced the death penalty!
Their religious fabrication supposedly emphasized Jesus’
resurrection—in direct violation of Christ’s command! Eventually
they stopped their charade of keeping Passover, and called their
celebration “Easter.” But they forgot to give it a Christian-sounding
name. Easter’s the Babylonian spring goddess—Baal’s playboy
bunny! They had given up the kosher Lamb of God for a rabbit trick!

In time, anything even remotely “Jewish” about the Church came
under attack! The Gentile minority-turned-majority demanded
changes to reflect their “universal” appeal. They wanted to appear
more inclusive—at the expense of the Church’s Jewish (read
biblical) heritage. They were intent on destroying the doctrines they
once held dear.

Changes… for the Worse!

Misguided ministers GUTTED THE BODY OF CHRIST and
were now picking at the bones (Micah 3:1-3). In their racist zeal,
they were throwing out the original truths and replacing them with
popular error. The early Church, with its now-derided leaders,
should’ve NEVER attempted to power-share! It only led to disaster.
They foolishly enabled their “equals” to oust them (3 John 9, 10).

Not everyone was thrilled about all the changes taking place. The
flood of “new truths” had come so fast and furious, many were
caught off guard (Rev.12: 15). They were simply unprepared for this
“scholarly” onslaught (Malachi 2:12). Some expressed concern,
others questioned what was going on, but everyone sensed
something just wasn’t right. It seemed almost overnight everything
they’d been taught was somehow wrong. Now there were
DIFFERENT MEANINGS given to biblical words, and supposedly
the Church now had a “deeper understanding” of various scriptures.
What was troublesome to longtime members, though, was that
these DOCTRINAL DIFFERENCES didn’t enhance or add to
whatever they already understood—it took away, undermined, or
totally denied what they’d PROVEN to be true. They felt that they
shouldn’t give these new “Christians” the time of day (Ga. 2:5) and
agreed with the words of the apostle Paul: “Do not be unequally
yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has
righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light
with darkness? And what accord has Christ with Belial? Or what part
has a believer with an unbeliever? And what agreement has the
temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God?”
(2 Cor. 6:14-16). Therefore, they refused to surrender God’s truth,
accept a pagan truce, or enter into a marriage of convenience. They
knew better! And they weren’t going to deny God’s truth or ignore
it—despite charges of “refusing to grow” and “worshipping a man”
(Paul). They knew the true source of such slander (Rev.12: 10).

The Faithful Few

Those Church members, who remained faithful to the original
Christian beliefs and authentic practices, were forced to flee for their
lives. They became part of the “underground” and got involved in
“the resistance movement.” They had to hide out in the mountains
and valleys of Europe and Asia Minor to escape persecution and
death (Rev.12: 6). Beyond the pale of the pope, these “wandering
Jews” carried their “Sanctuary” with them, and its attendant truths
(Heb.11: 38). During their wilderness trek, God’s true Church would
retain its unique identity (John 17: 11). Though banished upon penalty
of death, these freedom fighters kept the FAITH alive (John 8:32).
They knew that God would end their exile, and waited patiently for
TRUTH to triumph over tradition!

Voices of Dissent

Israel’s attempts at evenhandedness only enabled the Canaanites
to encroach upon their cultural territory. Slowly but surely, Israel’s
biblical blueprint became blurred, their distinct identity smudged,
and their Manifest Destiny faded. They had forgotten their purpose
for living and lost their national zeal.

Therefore, God sent them patriotic messengers to remind them.
They warned their country was going down in defeat, if they didn’t
rise to the occasion. Israel rejected such lone individuals—crying out
in the midst of their spiritual wilderness—as uninspired and
backwards (Isa. 40:3). They despised their Message as too narrow-
minded, racist and behind the times. Strangely, every time Israel
backslid further, they proudly presented it as “progress!” They
resisted any change for the better, and fought against proposals to
restore their national faith and confidence. Israel opposed every
effort to “turn the clock back” and laughed at the idea that they were
going to lose the next big war (Hab.1:5-6). They wouldn’t hear of it
(Acts 7:51).

Not content to just leave well enough alone, the PRIESTS AND
POLITICIANS resorted to character assassination. The authorities
abused their positions of power and influence to stir up the people
against God’s “rabble-rousers.” They’d hatefully engage in
defamation and attack God’s truth with murderous lies. They often
put out a hit and signed contracts—to silence the critics of their
corrupt system—with their own blood. God blows their cover and
exposes their conspiracy with a vengeance! (Matt. 23:27-39).
God blasts our BLOODY LEADERS who’ve overstepped their
bounds! (Ex. 19:20-25, Zeph. 1:9, 2 Chron. 26:18). He condemns
those OLD GOATS who’ve bucked His system to keep their own!

After vivid warnings and cries for change went ignored, God spoke to
our people in the only language we seem to understand: FORCE! Following
border attacks and terrorist incursions—and we still didn’t get it—
God let the Israelites lose. They wouldn’t serve God and give tribute
to His goodness, so they were left to pay tribute to tyrants and serve

History Lessons

Whenever Israel made up their minds to follow God, they’d also
long for their homeland and beg to be taken back (Jer. 31:21). So a
man with a mission would appear “out of nowhere” and rescue our
endangered people (who had been brought back to their senses), and
restore their God-given liberties. He’d then proceed to rehearse the
history of our ancient nation—how God had set us free from Egypt
(and every other oppressor) to obey Him, and then warn us to
NEVER FORGET! Because “A nation that has forgotten its past can
have no future” and “He must indeed have a blind soul who cannot
see that some great purpose and design is being worked out here
below” (Winston Churchill). Our national saviors were to jog our
memories and remind us of our responsibilities; because “The
United States are under peculiar obligations to become a holy people
unto the Lord our God” (Ezra Stiles, then president of Yale, in 1783,
in a major address to the Assembly of Connecticut).

We were to know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that God had
called us to be His People, representing His government, to every
nation on earth. He had raised our level of consciousness, given us a
heavenly outlook, and wanted that reflected in our living standards.
We were to be free of men’s religious ideas and human reasoning (all
the other nations were flawed with them), and enjoy our new lease on
life. Once liberated from lies and delivered from deception, we were
supposed to always remember the reason we were saved from
treason: to SERVE GOD. After all, “God who gave us life gave us
liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed
a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble
for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot
sleep forever” (Thomas Jefferson).

Whenever Israel began to slip back into their old habits and took
their freedom for granted, and forgot that God had given them their
life and liberties, and didn’t want to hear about it, but developed the
dangerous attitude of “I don’t care” and “I don’t want to know”—
IGNORANT AND INDIFFERENT—God said, “Fine, if you’re not
happy serving Me, feel free to return to slavery!”

What You Want, Is What You’ll Get!

God gives us what we want, but we usually don’t take Him
seriously, UNTIL it’s too late! When the heat’s on and we feel the
pressure, but still maintain our “innocence” and wonder what’s
going on, God calls our bluff and lays it on the line: “Just as you have
forsaken Me and served foreign gods in your land, so you shall serve
aliens in a land that is not yours” (Jer. 5:19). If Israel’s so captivated
with TINSEL TRADITIONS, God lets their lies blind them: “But
My people would not heed My voice, and Israel would have (nothing
to do with Me). So I gave them over to their own stubborn heart, to
walk in their own counsels”—to follow their own advice and get a
taste of their own medicine (Ps. 81:11-12).

Are we any different? Haven’t we also insisted on doing our own
thing? Don’t we take pride in the “I did it my way” approach? Didn’t
Adam and Eve curse us with that character defect? Isn’t it highly
offensive, in fact, ATROCIOUS, in God’s eyes, for His people to
begin to demand rights that He never offered? Rights that would,
with time, undermine the GREAT SOCIETY He’s building? Rights
to engage in activities that are contrary to His very purpose and hope
for mankind: that we should be created in His divine image? Rights
that fly in the face of common decency and aren’t sanctioned by the
Scriptures? Rights that are out of line and harmony with the holiness
we’ve been called to?

Only the serpent presents that which is TABOO as desirable.
He’s the god of rebels and leads them to self-destruct. You’ll either
serve God or Satan. It’s up to you to choose who your master will be.
But if we listen to the serpent, fall for his old line, and assert our
“independence” by eating the passion fruit, having had our minds
poisoned against God’s reason, then God lets us get addicted to the
strong drug of delusion: “Just as they have chosen their own way, and
their soul delights in their abominations, so will I choose their
delusions, and bring their fears on them because when I called, no
one answered, when I spoke they did not hear but they did evil before
My eyes, and chose that in which I do not delight” (Isa. 66:3-4).
We’re going to be left alone! Just like we thought we wanted! But
we’re going to find out how scary isolation can be!

Questionable Standards

Who isn’t an “a la carte” Christian or Jew? What church or
synagogue wants God to order that they can only pick and choose
from a “kosher menu?” What Christian today feels any shame for
celebrating Christmas (shades of Saturnalia), or expresses heartfelt
remorse over observing an Easter-sunrise service? (Ezek. 8:16).
Who says we can now eat pork? Peter’s vision of the “unclean
animals” was about GENTILES whom God had cleansed. Read his
interpretation of it—after all, it was given to him to understand (Acts

God’s people must accept GOD’S STANDARDS of good and
evil, right and wrong, clean and unclean—but we’ve thrown
everything in together and can’t seem to get things sorted out, having
taken a liberty with God’s word and law that He hasn’t given us.
“Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? No!
They were not at all ashamed nor did they know how to blush.
Therefore they shall fall among those who fall [the slain] at the time
I punish them, they shall be cast down, says the LORD” (Jer. 6:15).
God’s going to put us back in our place! We’re acting presumptuous
when we follow man-made rules and regulations. We’re to follow
GOD—if we want to live!

Abominable Christians

Professing Christianity—steeped in unscriptural ways—enjoys
participating in every pagan abomination. They certainly don’t feel
any guilt or see anything wrong with it—because they’re reprobate
and blind! They don’t even realize their gall before God, who says
He can’t stomach their ways! “So then, because you are lukewarm
[useless], and neither cold nor hot [serve no definite purpose, as far
as God’s concerned], I WILL VOMIT YOU OUT OF MY MOUTH”
(Rev. 3:16).

God says He’s sick of our religious sins! He’s disgusted that those
who should know better, who say that they’re in shape, are spiritually
soft and flabby. They’re going to get a workout real soon to show
them their pitiful condition! They can shape-up, or get shipped out—
with all the other prisoners of war!

Instead of appreciating those honest enough to blow the whistle
(on baptized paganism and a growing apostasy), corrupt Church
officials rail against them—upset that not everybody’s so willing to
toe-the-party line (1 Kgs. 22:8). They foolishly flounder to excuse
themselves and deny that they’re involved in any wrongdoing. But
no matter how hard they try to whitewash their ways, or camouflage
their pagan practices with Christian-labels, they’re not fooling
anybody but themselves: “For though you wash yourself with lye,
and use much soap, yet your iniquity is marked before Me, says the
Lord GOD. How can you say I am not polluted, I have not gone after
the Baals?” (Jer. 2:22-23).

Jesus ISN’T Lord!

But we’ve followed false Christs! That’s why Jesus asked: “But
why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say?”
(Lk. 6:46). Whether we realize it or not, too many have given their
hearts to “another Jesus,” received “another spirit” and believed
“another gospel” (2 Cor. 11:4). How can professing Christians claim
they’re following Jesus when He kept the seventh day Sabbath and
they’re chasing after SUNday? Keep pagan holidays, when Jesus
only celebrated God’s holy days? Believe you go to Heaven or Hell,
when Christ taught the New Jerusalem will be established on Earth and the
wicked will be destroyed? (Rev. 21:2,8). Eat pork and shrimp and
lobster, when Christ would throw up at the thought? Weren’t we
warned about those who would pull a fast one about the times and
laws (Dan. 7:25)?

Jesus Versus His Message

But Jesus prophesied of this very thing, when He said many
ministers would come with a message about Christ—but not about
HIS MESSAGE! That’s how they’d mislead the masses and deceive
the world! They’d distract attention from Christ’s message, by
focusing in on Him.

Jesus was a Messenger, sent from Heaven, to deliver the Father’s
GOOD NEWS: GOD’S A KINGDOM that’ll rule all Earth, as well
as a ROYAL FAMILY (into which we can be born). Jesus warned
about the narrow “gospel” about Himself, but assured us He’d
restore the true gospel—the awesome Message He brought special-
delivery, with tender loving care—as a SIGN that we’re finally at the
end of this age (Matt. 24:5, 14). You’ve been given THAT sign! Will
you recognize its significance and wake up to what’s going on? God
help you to answer His call and respond to His message.

The Babylonian Whore

We can’t get away with the excuse that “everybody’s doing it.”
We’re to get as far away as we can from those traditions that have led
us astray. God says to run for your life (Jer. 51:9)! But some are still
falling for Rome’s father figure! The CATHOLIC WHORES have
sold-out and bought the Babylonian lies—as promoted by that pimp,
Simon Magus (Acts 8:9). Not to be outdone, the PROTESTANT
PROSTITUTES strut their stuff, sacrificing purity for paganism,
violating God’s laws for their lewd ways. Most Protestants know
who the Babylonian whore of Revelation 17:5 is and loudly say so.
What they don’t realize is that they’re condemning themselves also,
because “LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER!” (Ezek. 16:44).

God’s not tricked by traditions, and isn’t sold on religious ideas!
Jesus’ true followers aren’t defiled with deceit (Rev. 14:4-5).
They’ve learned to be honest. God doesn’t prostitute the truth to
make it more palatable (Deut. 23:17-18). He’s not so “easy.”
But traditional Christianity, like an adulterous woman, “…eats
and wipes her mouth, and says, ‘I have done no wickedness’” (Prov.
down at Baal’s corner bar and grill and make a pig of themselves—
eating unclean things! (Acts 15:29). But God’s not a slob! He doesn’t
lower His standards or forget His values (Rev. 3:20). Think about it:
Would Christ feel comfortable at your dinner table or worship

Jesus’ virgins resist peer pressure. They don’t give in for a
SUNday dinner. But “Christianity” has cheapened itself! When God
got wind of their ways, He blasted their rank religion and rejected it
(Isa. 65:5). Their holier-than-thou attitude STINKS! It gets God
burning mad, and irritates Him to no end, that ministers keep
screwing their members and twisting the truth! Shamefully, people
prefer PERVERTED PREACHERS! Consenting Christians love
their lies! They delight in deception! But God condemns their
SPIRITUAL PREFERENCE as inexcusable! Jesus even exposed
certain cities of His day as worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and
indicated that they would’ve repented given half a chance. He did
state that their “day in court” would be better than those who had
seen the Light and yet chose to remain in their traditional darkness
(Matt. 11:20-24). Christ didn’t sanction their choice— He denounced
their “alternative lifestyle.”

Idolatry and Immorality

God condemns our countries for IDOLATRY—not just for
immorality! We’ve got to come to see, know and realize that God
doesn’t go for us following traditions all starry-eyed. We’re
supposed to be in love with God’s way and follow His
commandments! We’ve got to get our priorities straight and stop
putting our ways before God’s (Ezek. 20:18-21).

If we stubbornly insist on observing pagan holidays, we’re
nothing more than idol-worshippers! When we rebelliously reject
God’s holy days, we’re worse than witches: “For rebellion is as the
sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry” (1
Sam. 15:23). Since we’ve rejected God’s word, He’s rejected us!
Europe’s about to forcibly remove us from office! We’ve
jeopardized our position as leader of the free world, and are already
staggering, having lost our biblical balance—it’s only a matter of
time before we fall!

It’s strange—but true! It’s actually the religious, the Christians
and Jews, who are immoral! Because we’ve polluted our land with
pluralism, flirted with foreigners and whored around with pagans,
God’s going to let them have their way with us! We’re going to be
RAPED AND BEATEN! Our enemies are going to strip us bare and
show us no mercy! They’re going to treat us like white trash! We
haven’t kept ourselves for God, so we’ll be given to others! We’re
going to be sent away (as slaves) in SHAME AND CONFUSION!
And, believe it or not, it’s our “trusted allies,” our “faithful friends,”
who are going to commit this date rape! It’s our INTERNATIONAL
LOVERS who’ll betray us (Ezek. 23).

Stubborn Religious Leaders

Jerusalem, symbolic of the Church (Heb. 12:22), is supposed to
be the City of truth and godly character based upon God’s liberating
law—instead we discover a dreadful description of it as “Sodom”
and “Egypt” (Rev. 11:8). Who was PROUD as Sodom, and as
STUBBORN as Egypt? God speaks to our proud religious leaders,
and addresses our stubborn national laity, in a less-than-flattering
way: “Hear the word of the LORD, you rulers of Sodom give ear to
the law of our God, you people of Gomorrah…” (Isa. 1:10). Our
leaders are told to listen, and our people are supposed to pay
attention, to God’s word and law! The ministers have been GUILTY
of substituting their words for God’s. We’re not used to God’s tough
talk and rough language.

Taken to Task

God continues then, in Isaiah 1:11-15, with a series of questions
and comments. He wants to know what’s the purpose of our
organized religion, and starts tearing down its carelessly structured
beliefs. He says we’ve fallen into a rut and that routine’s our ruin!
God says He can’t stand our religious observances and hates our
spiritual pretense. It’s got to stop! Regardless of our prayers or
posture, God isn’t going to take notice or waste His time. Why?
Because we’re only going through the motions. We’ve only got the
shell, because we’ve thrown out the substance.

True religion is all about interpersonal relationships based upon
biblical principles. It’s to guide and assist us in our walk with God
and our interactions with each other. That’s why Jesus said, “‘You
shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul,
and with all your mind.’ This is the first and great commandment.
And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’
On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets”
(Matt. 22:37-40).

Those two commandments show the way and encourage a more
meaningful and fulfilling life that’s outgoing and not self-centered.
Herbert W. Armstrong used to continually refer to true religion as
following the “way of GIVE” versus the “way of GET.” That’s why
James wrote: “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father
is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep
oneself [untainted] from the world” (Jas. 1:27).

Obviously, our ancestors weren’t properly concerned for the
good and welfare of others. Charity only extended so far. Mercy was
in short supply and their love limited. It’s easier to talk the talk, than
walk the walk! Especially when it demands sacrifices or requires
sharing. What about you? Have you been happy to share your

Silence = Death

We must plead on behalf of the innocent, and be the voice of those
without adequate representation. The greatest crime against
humanity is going on NOW! Yet millions of professing Christians
look the other way in shameful silence: ABORTION! It used to be a
country’s worst enemies who ripped up their pregnant women—now
we’ve turned on ourselves! DON’T ABORT OUR FUTURE!

Defend life: present the case of the preborn before the public, and
rescue them from the abortionist’s kangaroo court!
We’ve sacrificed our CHILDREN on the altars of convenience,
baptized our BABIES in blood, and trashed their grisly remains—if
they haven’t been sold for Nazi experiments. Where’s the MORAL
OUTRAGE been? Why haven’t we demanded that our government

God sees the blood bath we’re permitting. He knows the hard
hearts, calloused consciences, and dishonest individuals that are
involved and will bring them to trial: “Shall I not punish them for
these things? says the LORD. And shall I not avenge Myself on such
a nation as this?” (Jer. 5:9). No wonder God’s going to allow our
enemies to be so cruel!

HITLER Will Judge Us!

Hitler’s Nazi Germany will rise up in judgment against our
hypocritical nations! We condemned them and now we’re acting
worse than they did! We didn’t buy their lame excuses of ignorance
or blind obedience, and yet today we try to hide our horrors behind
“it’s the law of the land.”

We allow DEATH CLINICS in major cities, and support those
mad doctors who ought to be tried for murder. We condemned those
German businesses who became rich at others expense, and yet our
land is filled with the abortionist’s BLOOD MONEY! It’s not a
God-given right to take the life of your child!

That some would argue it’s not a baby, and others attempt to
justify this carnage…. It’s obvious we’re under a CURSE if we can’t
even think straight! Our Puritan ancestors properly discerned,
“Whom God would destroy, He first sends mad” (Deut. 28:28). God
save us from ourselves: WE’VE LOST OUR MIND!

We’d better think twice, and change our minds and national
direction, before it’s too late. God wants us to clean up our act and
LEARN to start caring again. He tries to reason with us (if we’re not
too far-gone) and offers ready forgiveness. God admits how low-
down and undeserving we’ve become, but expresses confidence in
His mercy and Christ’s sacrifice, and says He’s got us covered—if
we’ll only return to God and our senses. If not, God will allow a
NUCLEAR WAR is on its way! (Isa. 1:16-20).

Spiritual Sodomites

It’s not only the sinners who won’t take God’s advice—too often
the “saints” think they’re good enough already. The religious
authorities have always resisted change (Acts 7:51). They’ve refused
to repent and arrange the crucifixion of those who expose their error.
It’s the church councils and synagogue boards that get indignant
when told they’re wrong (Matt. 21:32). How dare the spiritual
sodomites, and religious sorcerers, question the credentials of God’s
spokesmen, wondering what theological seminary they’ve attended,
or if they hold any doctorate in divinity (Matt. 21:23, Acts 4:13).
What becomes clear is that the “unorthodox” have spent time with
God’s Word, and have prayerfully studied the scriptures—not
merely the works of misguided men.

Sly foxes try and trip them up by clever questions, attempting to
ambush their ability and sabotage their efforts (Matt. 22:15, 35).
Spiritual crooks rob the unsuspecting of the facts, and then engage in
every perverse act of defamation possible (Matt. 26:59). They can’t
refute what some are saying so they twist their words and
misrepresent their message (Acts 6:11). Such insecure “leaders”
(afraid they’re losing their grip on Church positions, and painfully
aware that their ignorance is showing), accuse those outside of their
“inner circle” as being false prophets. When God’s true servants set
the record straight, they’re reviled for turning things upside down
(Acts 17:6). When they disagree with doctrinal error, they’re
damned as dissidents (Acts 24:5). Those who stand up for what’s
right, exposing what’s wrong, uncovering spiritual graft and
corruption, are branded as heretics, murderously maligned, and
dismissed as cults!

The Apostle Paul spent time defending himself against dogs
nipping at his heels, trying to obstruct his missionary work and slow
down his progress. He’d prove their charges were groundless and
then defeat their purpose by testifying to God’s truth: “But this I
confess to you, that according to the Way which they call a sect, so
I worship the God of my fathers, believing all things which are
written in the Law and in the Prophets” (Acts 24:14). Despite
numerous allegations, he maintained his innocence and declared his
allegiance to God’s Word—unlike those who were following men’s
ideas with a BLIND OBEDIENCE!

Religious Opposition

As far as religion goes, God knows who’s who, and what’s what,
and will promote some to honor and demote others in disgrace:
“Indeed I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they
are Jews and are not, but lie—indeed I will make them come and
worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you” (Rev.
3:9). Of course, this refers, in part, to the early Jewish opposition
against Christianity, but it’s mainly exposing counterfeit Christians
who profess to be spiritual Jews. God bares them as “Christian
Satanists!” God’s Church, throughout history, has been besieged
from without and attacked from within. Don’t think it couldn’t
happen again.

We shouldn’t be afraid to speak up if our preachers are a pack of
wolves, or our leaders are a bunch of liars (Rev. 2:2). God expects us
to prove whether or not our ministers are a Godsend, and see if they
can pass the test. We’re not to let our guard down, or base anything
on dangerous assumptions, but cross-examine everything in light of
the biblical evidence (Acts 17:11). God holds us responsible for what
goes on behind closed doors, and wants us to make sure our home and
local congregation is in order, as well as being concerned for our
extended Church family. After all, it’s our salvation that’s at stake!

When you think about the hardships and difficulties we’ll have to
face and endure, as a result of RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION, ask
yourself why we should be treated any better than Jesus—the Truth
Incarnate—was (John 15:20). Remember: Jesus’ main opposition
wasn’t from the gangs, crack-dealers, or hookers. His worst enemies
came from the religious community—people who felt self-
sufficient. They didn’t want a spiritual Savior, just a national hero.
For a “religious experience,” try to help save God’s people from
paganism, or speak out against “Christian” lies, and you’ll know how
Jesus felt! God’s saviors have often had to be delivered out of
dangerous situations and threatening environments (Gen. 5:24).

In Mortal Danger

GOD HAS WARNED THIS NATION through his servant,
Herbert W. Armstrong. But our people have shown the typical
indifference. The SHOCKING TRUTH hasn’t really fazed them or
sunk in! We’re carrying on in our own ways, business as usual, just
like in the days of Noah and the time of Lot.

We’re not convinced, we’re not convicted—we’re complacent!
We don’t feel in any mortal danger, or sense an urgent need for
national reforms. We rest secure in our religion, sleep in our pews,
and dream repentance isn’t for us— it’s for the other guy. We’re hard
working, decent people—at least in public. What some parade in the
streets, others practice in private.

“God wouldn’t condemn us, Europe couldn’t conquer us—
you’re just being an alarmist, crying wolf like all the others.” But
what if this time it’s for real? What if God IS really warning us:

Maybe our religious practices aren’t so acceptable to God, but
does that mean He’d let us lose a war over it? Get taken captive and
sent away as slaves? Yes, believe it or not! But this time Jesus Christ
will save Israel! He’s our Supreme Judge (Isa. 25:9).

Two controversial figures will boldly declare GOD’S
(Micah 3:8 6:1-2), delivering a BLISTERING MESSAGE and a
AND BRIMSTONE RAINS DOWN upon those who’ve rejected
GOD’S ULTIMATUM (Isa. 41:27 30:27)! The wise will hear this
THUNDER and take shelter (Rev. 10 Prov. 27:12).

It’s been said that history repeats itself because nobody listened
the first time. Who’s listening today? Does anybody care? THE
coming! That warning must roar from Jerusalem! That’s the
sensitive location where God will spark a NATIONAL DEBATE
and ignite an INTERNATIONAL CONTROVERSY (Jer. 15:10,
Rev. 11:10). It’ll shock the Jews and anger the Germans! Both will
immediately want to stop such “incitement”—calling it fear-
mongering and racist—but such persecution will only fan the flames
of this BURNING ISSUE (Isa. 54:15-16). God’s going to make sure
that everybody—from the least to the greatest—has had a chance to
HEAR AND HEED (Jer. 5:4-5).

“Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall”
(Prov. 16:18). The historical precedent’s been set. We’re not an
exception or invincible (Lk. 13:3). Europe’s already making
preparations while we’re on our deathbed: victims of tradition. THE