Friday, May 18, 2007

Curse of Illegal Immigration and Treacherous Leaders

Immigration Bill Prompts Concern All Around
( – Reaction to the “Bush-Kennedy” immigration reform bill is drawing strong condemnation from many conservatives, and part of the anger stems from the fact that it was crafted in secret -- and will now be rushed straight to the Senate floor. Some liberals also criticized the compromise bill, saying it doesn’t go far enough to protect a new “underclass” of workers...

White House Offers Details of Immigration Bill
– The Bush administration insists that the Senate immigration bill does not include “amnesty” for illegal aliens. The White House uses the term “probationary status” instead. But many conservatives aren’t buying it, and the amnesty/probation provision is expected to be a major sticking point...

Bush Praises Senate Immigration Reform Compromise
– President Bush said Thursday he looks forward to signing a Senate compromise agreement on immigration reform. The proposal "delivers an immigration system that is secure, productive, orderly and fair," he said...