Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mr. President: Don't undermine Israel for Germany

President Bush,

Let me speak bluntly with you as a friend would. You profess to be a Christian. What part of the Promised Land of Israel don't you get? There isn't a single Scripture in the Bible that supports carving up the Holy Land, especially for lying visions of peace pimped by false prophets. In fact, there are warnings against such dangerous delusions.

Why aid and abet sworn enemies of Israel to pervert parts of the Promised Land of Israel into an accursed "Palestine"? If Israel's resident Arabs truly want to live in peace, let them live in peace in the Jewish Homeland of Israel - not seek to divide and conquer it through phased destruction.

Stop supporting the dismemberment of Israel for Ishmael! Stop rewarding terrorism! Don't bring divine judgment upon yourself and the United States for undermining our Israeli ally.